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  • March 1st 2021
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Tablet courier service is provided by us at Reliable Courier Service. We also provide courier pickup and luggage courier service. You can also schedule for the free courier pick up from home or from any location in Delhi. If you worry about your tablet security and safety then don’t worry. We provide full safety to fragile and expensive items and make sure that your parcel is absolutely safe with us and we deliver it safely on time. We are a DTDC Franchise and work the same under their guidelines. You can either send us your tablet courier or if you are from Delhi then we can provide you free parcel pickup service any time.

For free courier pick up service facility from the location anywhere in Delhi, you can chat with us on what’s app or book your courier via phone call.

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How To Schedule For Tablet Courier Service

  1. You can either book your luggage or courier pickup with the above online link or can book, on whatsapp or through a phone call.
  2. You can also manage and decide the time you want your order to be picked from the location.
  3. A pickup person will be sent as soon as possible and your parcel will be picked as soon.
  4. We will give you the best price possible and discounts (if available) and surely it will be within your budget.
  5. Then you have to pay the amount through Paytm or other online methods that you want.
  6. From our side, we will try our best to drop your parcel on time.
  7. You can always track your parcel and know the location and procedure with the tracking ID easily.

Courier Insurance for Tablet

For Tablet courier service, our company provides you insurance. In case the tablet is damaged due to packaging or other issues from our sides. Then we will give a 50% amount return or more depending on the issue or company’s policy and conditions.

Items not Supported for Courier

Any illegal item, or powder without the proper bill or certificate. Also, we do not provide courier services for expensive jewelry like gold, diamond, or even money transfer. Alcohol, Tobacco, and loosely packed food items are also not supported by our courier service.

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