COVID19 Taking All Safety Measures To Ensure Safe Delivery!

  • Reliable Courier Service
  • April 17th 2021
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Is it true that you are uneasy about accepting conveyances from us in the current situation? Allow us to dedicate yourself to rest. Your wellbeing and security are of the most extreme significance to us! In this way, we execute a bunch of prudent steps to guarantee that you get your bundles in the most secure manner conceivable!

1. Maintain Social distancing

At our workplaces and distribution centers, our representatives are keeping the required 6 feet distance between one another while doing every one of the exercises.

2. Lively sanitizing of premises

We clean our premises and our distribution centers each day with dye. Sanitizing specialists like blanch can slaughter all types of infections and different microorganisms so they can never advance toward your items.

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3. The staff wears masks

All workers engaged with restocking and bundling wear masks to forestall bundle tainting. Your bundle and its substance are in safe hands.

4. Everyday temperature check 

All representatives who work in the stockrooms go through mandatory temperature check each day. In the event that their internal heat level appears to be raised, they are approached to counsel a specialist. 

Conveyance accomplices are individuals who convey your bundle. That is the reason we avoid potential risk and check their internal heat level on numerous occasions a day, particularly before they set off to convey the merchandise. 

In the event that a rider appears to be hot, we will substitute him with another rider. Have confidence, the individual who presents to you your conveyance is totally sound.

5. Defensive stuff for conveyance accomplices 

This is another security measure we embrace close-by temperature check. Our riders consistently wear veils and gloves for added security.

6. Our conveyance accomplices wash their hands 

Prior to setting off with your items, our conveyance accomplices cautiously and completely clean their hands with hand sanitizers that they generally convey with them. After every conveyance, the accomplices indeed clean their hands prior to leaving on the following conveyance run.

7. Contactless conveyance 

What makes buying from Reliable Courier an encounter liberated from stresses is that we offer contactless conveyance. Our conveyance accomplices will convey the bundle to your doorstep. You won't come into contact with the accomplice, so there is no dread of you getting tainted.

8. We use Arogya-Setu App 

The Arogya Setu application can tell our conveyance accomplices in the event that they have been almost a tainted individual. Provided that this is true, they will willfully go off the clock and be isolated. 

We won't ever settle on anybody's prosperity, particularly at this basic hour. Follow the vital rules, stay safe and shop effortless with Reliable Courier.


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