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  • April 1st 2021
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The greatest dread organizations face while entrusting a bundle to a dispatch administration is that it will vanish suddenly and completely. On the off chance that your messenger administration doesn't utilize an appropriate global positioning framework (shockingly, not every one of them do!), when the driver gets a bundle it is extremely unlikely to know where it is, the thing that time it got conveyed, in the event that it got conveyed, who finished paperwork for it – an excessive number of things can turn out badly. Be it authoritative reports, pivotal drug or a period touchy agreement bid, if your dispatch administration wrecks, you are the person who endures.

At Reliable Courier Service, we use restrictive cutting edge programming so we generally know the specific area of your bundle. From the second you call it in or submit a request on the web, our framework relegates the following number. Connected to that number are for the most part the fundamentals: customer name, where we're getting, conveyance address, any unique notes (who can finish paperwork for it, regardless of whether it very well may be left at the front work area, and so on) This following number follows the driver any place they go, so we know each and every individual who at any point contacts your bundle, from get to conveyance.

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The second we have materials genuinely close by, we email the customer, disclosing to you the bundle is on the way. While the bundle is on the way, we stay in contact with the driver through Smartphone. At the point when we convey, we naturally send another email to the customer as Proof of Delivery (POD), expressing season of conveyance, address and who finished paperwork for it. We keep steady over the interaction at all times.

We at Reliable Courier Service guarantee that your package is protected and maneuvered carefully. We regard your security and ensure that your subtleties are remained careful and secu red. It is our obligation to give the best messenger administration to you and convey your bundle straightaway and we charge a dependable sum for that.


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